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Advanced Company Verification



Get a More Comprehensive Verification


1.Make sure a Hong Kong company is legally registered

2.Get full business registration details

3.Include Site Identification and Registration Changes details

4.Fast guaranteed 1 working day turnaround


Type: Hong Kong Company Verification Report

This Report included
Company Registration Information

Registration Details

  • Official Company Name
  • Registration Status
  • Registration Number
  • Registered Address
  • Company Type
  • Date of Establishment
  • Registration Bureau
  • Registered Capital
  • Paid-up Capital
  • Date of Most Recent Annual Return

Company Directors

For each director:

  • Director Name
  • Director Address
  • Director ID or Registration Number
  • Director Title
  • Director Email

Company Secretary

For each secretary:

  • Secretary Name
  • Secretary ID or Registration Number
  • Secretary Email
  • Secretary Address

Company Shareholders

For each shareholder:

  • Shareholder Name
  • Shareholder Address
  • Shareholder Holding
Advanced Company Registration Information

Registration Changes

For the last 3 Years:

  • Changes to Company Name
  • Changes to Shareholders
  • Changes to Registered Address
  • Changes to Directors
  • Changes to Registered Capital
  • Changes to Company Secretary
Ownership Chart

Chart Features

  • Color-coded Shareholder Types
  • Shareholder Names in Chinese & English
  • Shareholding Percentages

Shareholders Covered

Levels included:

  • 1st-degree Shareholders
  • 2nd-degree Shareholders

Corporate Shareholders:

  • Hong Kong Companies
  • Mainland China Companies
  • Offshore Companies*
  • Government Bodies

Individual Shareholders:

  • Chinese Nationals
  • Foreign Nationals
Site Identification

Site Features

  • Site Images
  • Site Co-ordinates (with link to Google Maps)
  • Site Map

Sites Covered

One Site:

  • Registered Address

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  • Q

    What does this Verification Cover?

    The Verification refers to any company in mainland China(including Taiwan and Hongkong)

  • Q

    Where does the information come from?

    We identify and verify companies using information from a range of official government sources and third party databases.

  • Q

    how about if the company isn't registered?

    A. If we cannot identify registration in Mainland China you will receive a red (negative) report. In cases where we determine that the company is registered in Hong Kong, but not in Mainland China, we will provide details of the company's Hong Kong registration details equivalent to our Hong Kong Verification report.

  • Q

    Why I don't received my Report?

    it maybe found that email spam filters have incorrectly prevented the report from being received. If you do not receive your report after the estimated delivery date, please contact us at [email protected] so we can urgently resolve.

  • Q

    Why should I check a Gold Supplier from Alibaba?

    The Gold Supplier certification can be bought on Alibaba, Chinese companies buy it for an annual fee and can use it without any real company check.

  • Q

    I don't have a registered Company, Can i still verifify a Copany?

    Yes, you can order without a registered company.

  • Q

    How can I check more suppliers ?

    Yes, just submit multiple suppliers