Guide to Verify the Time & the Place a Chinese Company Registered

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Finding out the time and place that a Chinese company registered is a basic step in verifying if they are a legitimate company you want to cooperate with. Usually you will need to verify the company's registration time and address by some simple steps if you encounter the following conditions:


  • The company is not registered in the city or province they claim to be
  • The company has not been registered for as long as they claim to have been operating
  • The company's registration date raises doubts about their level of development

One difficulty in confirming a company's registration is that you need to know which province they are registered in before you can look up their records. This is very important if you don't want the company to realize that you are researching them and looking up their records. If you'd like them to know, then you can ask them directly for their business license and start from there. Otherwise, you may need to do some extra research to confirm where the location of registration.

Check from the Company’s Business License

As with many basic checks on Chinese companies, the first step is to ask for a copy of their business license. As we mentioned above, don't worry about asking for a copy of the company's business license: this is a completely normal and legal request. If a company gives you any trouble with providing a copy of their business license, then it is an immediate hint that something may be amiss.

The business license will tell you when and where the Chinese company is registered with the authorities. Highlighted as the red circle sections of the sample license below:


The location of the registration is actually described in the Chinese as “Registering Authority” (登记机关 – Dēngjì Jīguān). Unlike other fields, it is given in the form of a stamp from the registering office. While the date of registration is the first date given on the right. This is described as the “Period of Operation” (营业期限 – Yíngyè Qīxiàn) on the business license.

Look At the Company’s Public Registration Record

Another way is to find the company's public registration record. To do this, you will need to visit the AIC (Industrial and Commercial Administration Bureau, 工商行政管理局, Gōngshāng Xíngzhèng Guǎnlǐjú) website to find out where the company is registered. You can identify this district  via the ‘Registering Authority’ section of the business license. 

Please note, you can only search for a company using its Chinese name (shown on the business license) on the AIC website, since the official registered name of a Chinese company is always in Chinese. In addition, the AIC website is very picky about search terms - sometimes you must enter its completely with zero deviations, otherwise no records will be returned. Once you have found the company's public registration record, you can use it to verify the information on the business license you have been shown.

The Easiest Way to Verify the Time & the Place a Chinese Company Registered

If all this seems too time consuming, you can consider ordering a Chinese company verification report. Our( company verification report includes identifying the location and time of a Chinese company registratered and fully translating and interpreting the contents of its Chinese business license - all of those are very useful information for assessing a Chinese company.

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