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Before doing business with a company in mainland China, you must first through a China company check to get more information about the company. When making any business arrangement, it is always a good idea to know your partners, including their reputation and previous work history. Even if you are not located in China, you can still easily check out all the information you need to know to gain peace of mind.


Many business owners travel to China to verify the companies that they are considering to work with. They can visit their offices, conduct meetings, explore their factories or workshops, and check samples of their product. This is definitely a valuable exercise, but you should do 3 simple checks first before you make the trip.

Step 1: Company verification

The first step in a Chinese Company Check is to verify the company that you are considering to work with is a legally registered entity. This means checking the information they provide you based on official records. All companies legally operating in mainland China must have a current business license.

Once you have established the company is registered, further analysis of their registration details will help you better understand their operations. Key items to note include registered capital, scope of business, business scope, business type, date of establishment, legal representative, shareholders and board of directors.

Verifying company information can ensurs that the people in China whom you plan to do business with are legitimate, honest in their communication, and legally entitled to  provide you with their products and services. You can also use this information to guide your own business decisions about that company.

Step 2: Search for Warnings on Google

Even the most basic Chinese Company Check should include a quick search on Google for the company you plan to work with. Today, almost every business should have an internet presence, including information they published themselves, and information that posted by others about them.

You should be most interested in the evaluation of others about the company. How do they evaluate the experience of doing business with them? Are they satisfied with the results? Is there any warnings about scams or fraudulent behaviour? Sites like Chinacocheck.com list (Chinese scammer list) fraud reports that are usually originate from China.

You can also search on baidu.com, if you know Chinese.

Step 3: Verify the Certificates

When doing business with Chinese companies, it is very common to encounter a large number of certificates, licenses and test reports, such as:

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 certificates
read this article to see how you can do this yourself
Export, Bank Account, Tax licenses, Trademark Registration
SGS, Intertek test reports or product certifications

Making sure that these documents are genuine is a very important step in your China Company Check, and it is definitely worthwhile to carry out before you make any arrangements to visit a company in China. Unfortunately, we have encountered a large number of certificates that once verified are found to be faked. Companies that are willing to edit such documents are not ones you can trust your company’s money with.

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