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Apart from the numerical advantages provided by more than one billion people living in China, the country's economic growth has also affected the decision of many foreign investors to bring their business into China. The success of many of these companies shows that China is a great place to do business. To establish a legal entity, company registration is a way to achieve this goal in China. However, one of the biggest challenges facing many foreign investors is the company registry in China, this process is also known as China company registry or China company formation.

The Chinese government has provided five basic investment methods for non-Chinese citizens. They are:

Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE) – a limited liability company fully established and owned by a non-Chinese investor.
Partnership Enterprise (PE) – 2 or more non-Chinese investors that set up a partnership enterprise in China. A Chinese national may also be involved in the establishment of a PE.
Representative Office(RO) – a liaison office that basically works as a representative of its parent company.
Joint Venture(JV) – a form of partnership between a Chinese investor and a foreign investor.
Hong Kong Company – this is specially designed for investing in Mainland China.

Each of these five investment methods has its own unique benefits. Learn the Differences Between 5 Types Of Business Presence In China here. However, no matter which one you choose to invest in China, Chinese company registration is inevitable. Therefore, when conceiving the idea of investing in China, every foreign investor must consider the needs of the registration business in mind. Experience has shown that registering a company in China is a tedious, energy-intensive, and sometimes time-consuming process; therefore, foreign investors should be fully prepared to face the daunting tasks ahead of them.

Despite the complexity of company registry in China, foreign investors can avoid the pressure and pain of registering their companies by letting professional agents take the responsibilities. Several professional agents in China are ready to help non-Chinese investors by integrating business. Once the incorporating task is outsourced to these agents, they take care the entire process from the beginning to the end. These professional agents have local knowledge of China and are proficient in the local language; therefore, they communicate seamlessly with officials as the language barriers have been eliminated.

In addition, the professional agents are familiar with the latest development about legal and financial issues affecting foreign investment in China; therefore, they can carry out all important processes proficiently and effectively. Sometimes, they use their knowledge to speed up the process involved in company registry China, so that foreign investors can quickly and easily establish their business in China. These professionals can also help non-Chinese citizens determine the best method they can use when registering their business. In general, the benefits of the services of these professional agents will never be overemphasized.

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