What is the Chinese Company Registration Number and How to Check It?

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When starting business with a Chinese company, checking the Chinese company registration number is a common preliminary task. The company's registration number appears on its business license and you can confirm the registration details through certain ways. Please note that the registration number is also known as the Chinese Business License Number.


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What is a Chinese Company Registration Number

All companies in China must be officially registered and get a business license. If they don't do that, they can't operate legally. If the company successfully completes the official registration process, they will get a business license, which includes a unique Chinese company registration number.

This number appears on their business license and is also logged in the government office's records, which handle business registrations in their province where they are located. The office is called the AIC (Administration for Industry and Commerce – 工商行政管理局) and there is an AIC in each administrative region in China (provinces and major cities).

Each AIC can view these logs online through its website. This means that you can look up a business by the Chinese company registration number displayed on its business license and see if it matches the information displayed online.

Unfortunately, each AIC's record search system is very special and they do not guarantee that public records contain the most up-to-date information. This means that in general, some knowledge of Chinese language and registration system is needed to navigate and interpret the public records provided by Administration for Industry and Commerces in China.

How to Check a Chinese Company Registration Number

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